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Grab yourself some Skinnies

Skinnies is a soft spreadable gel. It goes on clear, dries fast and provides instant long lasting UV protection.

Skinnies is a sunscreen revolution that’s changed the game for sun lovers all over the world. No longer do people have to ‘slap on’ the white and greasy stuff, or ‘lather up’ with sticky lotions that come off when you sweat, or sting your eyes when you get active. Say no to all that palaver!

Our Organogel technology (which is pretty darn cool if we do say so ourselves) means Skinnies glides on clear and feels amazing on the skin. And even better yet, because we don’t dilute our sunscreens with water (unlike typical brands), you use a pea size blob for your face, neck and ears. Aha, it’s true! Try it yourself, we developed Skinnies to be the best experience out in the sunshine, it’s packed with benefits and loaded with performance, so go on get your Skinnies on and get out there!

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Zero, Zilch, Zip

Contains no water, parabens, preservatives or fragrances

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The magic inside the tube

Skinnies Organogel™ forms a thin film on the outer layer of the skin holding the UV filters in place. Unlike water-based lotion sunscreens, there is no evaporation (or dry-down) so it dries fast and the actives yield is higher. As a waterless gel, the “water activity” is virtually zero so no preservatives are required and in fact, because there is no water many potential skin irritants have been eliminated.

The brand story

Back in 2010, on a stifling hot summer day in New Zealand…Olly had been working in the garden and came into the house to Martha “Would you just look at me? I’m covered in this greasy white sunscreen stuff – it’s sticky, uncomfortable, and now there’s grass & dirt stuck all over me…and I’m expected to reapply more to finish the job. Not only that, the bottle doesn’t even look cool sitting on the bench, there’s got to be a better way!”

Martha replied, ‘Alright then, so what are you going to do about it!’. Like any good Kiwi bloke, Olly pondered the problem and not long after a light bulb went off, he came in with a smile on his face ‘Marth we’re starting a sunscreen brand!!!’

It’s going to be completely different, he pledged! It will rub on clear, you’ll use a small amount, it will be long lasting and most importantly we’re going to make a product that people will actually want to use (rather than be forced to use), one that’s safe for me, you and the kids! After several months, Martha, an environmental engineer and Olly a marketing guy, had their first product – enter Skinnies.

The sunscreen revolution™ was born.

The brand story - Photo of Olly and Martha the founders
Founders, proud parents, sunshine lovers & health enthusiasts

Our mission is to change the way people enjoy the sunshine,
through Skinnies range of innovative, non-white & NON-greasy, 
gel based sunscreens.

'Be good, do good & work good'

Protected by Skinnies...

Protected by Skinnies - Photo of Olly and Martha the founders
Skinnies brand athlete

XTERRA Champion

World class Endurance Triathlete

Protected by Skinnies - Photo of Olly and Martha the founders
Skinnies team rider

Enduro Motocross Champion

Red Bull Romaniacs Ambassador

Protected by Skinnies - Photo of Olly and Martha the founders
Skinnies lifestyle ambassador

Champion swimmer

Model & personality


American Skinnies products are designed in New Zealand and made in the USA to FDA regulations