The inny on the Skinnies

We all love the outdoors, it’s in our DNA. But staying safe under the harsh sun, has turned us into a society of sloppers. Sun loving folk reduced to lathering up the sunscreen like no one’s business.

That’s all good if you want to look like a miming street performer, (you know, all covered in white stuff), but not for us, uh-uh, & not for Skinnies. That’s why Skinnies is different, and that’s why Skinnies contains no water. None, zero, nada. Not a drop.

has 0% water

Now, we know water’s pretty important. In fact we like it as much as the next guy. Just not in our sunscreen. The truth is that most sunscreens are 50-70% water. It’s why we have to ‘slop’ em on and then keep doing it every few hours. Not ours. Because Skinnies isn’t diluted with water, you use a small amount once a day. It also dries in a jiffy, and isn’t white & greasy.

Bloody clever eh? And because we’re an environmentally conscious lot, and we agree with our mate Al Gore that the planet needs a little help right now, we’ve made sure that Skinnies is as nice to the environment as it is to your skin. It goes without saying that all our packaging is recyclable and that because we make Skinnies in both New Zealand and the USA, by the best in the business for the harshest sun conditions in the world, we work hard to keep our carbon footprint to more of a carbon toeprint.

We’re committed to the environment and committed to building the best little suncare brand in the world to keep you lot safe as in the sunshine. That’s us and that’s our philosophy. And all you need to remember is - a little goes a long way!