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Forget about white and long drying sunscreens, Skinnies is a waterless clear gel that adapts to any skin tone. And the best thing is that you only need a small pea size amount as it’s super concentrated for your UV protection.

Reef safe options and swimming pool safe

Vegan and not tested on animals

No parabens, preservatives, emulsifiers OR alcohol

packaging 100% recyclable & sustainably made

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Skinnies CONQUER SPF50+ 3.4oz


Skinnies Kids SPF50 3.4oz


Skinnies SPF30 Tinted Light 2.5oz


We only use the best ingredients

Taking the water out of Skinnies reduces our carbon footprint by 5x compared with water-based sunscreen. We have a carefully selected combination of safe chemical and physical UV actives:

• Uvinol A (plus)
• Bemotrizinol
• Octocrylene
• Avobenzone
• Octisalate
• Homoslate
• Titanium dioxide
• Zinc (non-nano)

Long-lasting UV protection

Normal sunscreen is white and sticky and is made using 50-70% water which is why you need to apply lots.

Skinnies is a concentrated clear gel made using a waterless Organogel™ method that's better for you and the planet.

Great for skin and environment

It's carefully formulated to be safe on skin, for all skin tones, and is suitable for sensitive skin.

It’s reef and swimming pool safe with 100% recyclable packaging.

It won’t evaporate off your skin when you sweat or get active.

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